Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Book out in the market

For many people, writing book is just earning name, fame and money by hook or crook. So they don't fear plagiarism or friends. Copying even without attribution seems to be plaguing Nepali 'academia'.

But for me writing book is a trying battle. It takes long perseverence, patience and commitment to the job and respect to the predecessors.

Besides, the lack of standard but Nepalicised books largely looms the academic practise of Communication, Mass Communication and Journalism. After I began studying MA in Mass Communication and journalism, it was thus realized that Communication is as important subject as other social sciences. Now, it has become my commitment to contribute from my side.

Last Year's book- 'Journalism in Theories and Practices' (in Nepali) has become an overwhelming success from academic point of view if not financial. The second edition of the book is coming soon in the market. This gave me more encouragement and now I am totally devoted on writing books.

The result is 'Fundamentals of Mass Communication and Journalism'. It is easy to read, understand and learn from it. Everybody can benefit from the book, though the book is basically designed for Journalism subject in Class XI of HSEB and PCL First Year of TU.

The gap of standard books in Nepali Language even looms large at the higher levels- BA and MA. This book will subtly help those students and anybody having interest in journalism.

Also wait for 'Advanced Mass Communication and Journalism' which will include more topics and issues of journalism. I am sure this will make a comprehensive hand-book to any student of journalism.

Please give me your comments enabling me to improve the book further.

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