About Me

Currently, I am working with Equal Access Nepal, a Development Communication NGO. I am also lecturer at Universal College, Maitidevi and Polygon College, Babarmahal. I did my MSS in Journalism, Media and Communication from University of Dhaka with distinction scores. I am also a distinction in Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Purbanchal University, Nepal and BA./B Ed in English from Trivuwan University. I have done over a dozen researches in Various aspects of Nepali Media and Globalization. Two books very much useful for anybody having interest on journalism, 'Fundamentals of Mass Communication and Journalism' and 'Theories and Practices in Journalism' (both in Nepali) are published. I have created Oriental Media Discourses Group in the facebook to further these discourses. Anybody willing to contribute in reviving the glory of oriental civilization is welcome to join the group, follow this blog, comment on the posts and have his/her say. I also occasionally write in Kantupur daily, the most reputed Nepali newspaper.

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