Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes. There are many things told in favor if increased use of internet as medium of communication, even in the level of interpersonal and small group communication. By Internet, it is not only the World Wide Web (WWW) but also many features of it like email being the mostly used and others include blogs and social networks like Myspace and Facebook. Yes. They have greatly contributed in easing the way we communicate. They have really virtually eliminated the limitations of time and space. And they have greatly eased the way we work.

However, there are a lot of hazards that the internet brings to you. I would like to recall one that I recently faced. I just updated my profile at Facebook and it sent a notification to all friends in the network that I am recently MARRIED. Actually, I am married for two years now and observing my second wedding anniversary on this December 5. Luckily, my wife didn’t see it (Because, thankfully, she is not in the facebook), and I am saved.

Emails frequently create terrible hazards. Spam and junk emails are big burden to manage if you are a busy person. We will need to spend additional hours in the Internet even to route these emails to other places where you won’t be burdened and the time you probably may not have. For that, I hardly use my yahoomail account.

The other thing in frequent practice among us is to forward any emails, without thinking whether the recipient will ever want to read this or not. In the past, I was terrified by some of the mails which told unusual nonsense stories and urged me to forward this email to as many friends as possible. If I didn’t do that anything but bad luck will come to my door. Isn’t it an emotional blackmailing? Even to misuse or rather abuse God’s name for such nonsense stuffs? Of course, anybody is attached with God and can’t just ignore such things. Thankfully, now I am an atheist and can right at the moment delete such things but once I used to be in very much tension. I have even angrily replied to those who sent such things but the trend is still speeding up.

Nowadays, people joining the social spaces are increasing. There is no doubt that at this millennium, we are the part of the Global village. The social spaces are of course, the tools of creating such village. But the hazards they are bringing is tremendously bad. Every next day, there will be dozens of friends’ request in your facebook- some of them from whom you really don’t know? What is the purpose of enlisting such people as ‘friends’?

Another hazard is the ‘fusion’ of social spaces and emais. Like Facebook, there other social networks like Hi5, Zorpia and many others. I have got at least two hundred requests to join and fed up of deleting these things. Just being scared of this terror, I am thinking of being selective on giving email address to the friends. I think making a commitment with a fried that s/he won’t send any such nonsense stuffs before sharing the email id will be a good idea.

I know there are hundreds of such stuffs and I hope you will also like to share them. The floor for discussion is open. Go to the Comments.

Be a happy internet user and also do care about other’s privacy and respect their precious time.

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hehehe ...only his............people facing more terrible situation than u feel............... I read your article